Joe Langford

Freelance front end web developer


What I do

My name is Joe Langford and I’m a freelance front end web developer. I work with busnisses on a per day, or per hour contractual basis, to build professional, high quality websites and web applications.

I specialise in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery responsive builds.

Why pick me?

I offer a fair price for a quality service. Hire me, and you hire an experienced and honest web developer.

7 years' experience

I have 7 years' professional experience working for a top London web development agency and freelance clients.

University degree

I have a BSc (Hons) in Website Design and Internet Technology, so I have a highly educated understanding of my field.

Designer and developer

I'm experienced in both designing and building websites. So you can be sure any work I do will have a polished look.

Best practices

I build using the latest code standards and best practices, you can be confident that what I deliver will be current and be easily understood by other developers.

Latest technology

I keep up with the latest technology and techniques in my area, I know what I need to know to do my job well and work with others.

Team experience

I have substantial experience working within a team on collaborative projects. I have worked in teams comprising of just other developers, as well as larger teams consisting of editors, designers and project managers.

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Bella Nora

Epigeum, London
Contract: April 2015 – October 2015

Building an E-Learning accountancy course for ACCA with custom HTML on the edX platform from editors notes, with some custom activities requiring addition javascript (jQuery) and css.

Work example

Bella Nora

The Frayed Laces
Design & Build: March 2015

Design and build of the website for my band The Frayed Laces. I designed the website around a comic book style, but a lot of attention was also taken on making sure the website was fully reponsive, as well as being integrated with the wordpress cms.

Bella Nora

Spork Digital, London
Contract: February 2015

Building 2 websites using responsive HTML/CSS from provided designs.

Work examples

Solid State Group
Contract: March 2014 - December 2014

I was contacted again by Solid State Group to help assit with a project that involved converting a fixed width social network web application into a responsive web application. As well as assisting in continued development of new features.

Bella Nora

Bella Nora
Design & Build: 2014

Bella Nora are a female only Laser & beauty clinic located in Eastham, London. There previous site was fairly old and was well in need of a redesign, so they approached me to do a full design and rebuild.

Bella Nora asked for the design to resemble similar competing clinics in the area, with a soft light colour scheme, as well as something that stayed on brand with their current brand and logo.

Janet Langford

Janet Langford
Design and Build: 2013

Janet Langford is a new forest based artist who specialises in miniature and small paintings.

I started the build of Janet's website directly after finishing her husband Alan's. Due to them both being artists their requirements were very similar, so I based this website around a similar layout having the artwork as the centre piece. Although the layout of the two sites are very similar, I decided on a drastically different design than that of Alan's website. Instead of a prestigious art gallery based theme I decided to base this design around the layout of an artist's work desk. This gave a less grand feel to the website and give more of a personal touch, similar to Janet's artwork and that compliments smaller paintings a lot better.

I also setup a Facebook page for Janet so she could publicise her artwork and events she would be participating in, you can see this here.

As with all my recent websites this website is fully responsive so it should display optimally on everything from smart phones, to tablet computers, to large monitors.

Alan Langford

Alan Langford
Design and Build: 2013

Alan Langford is a local New Forest equestrian artist who required a website to promote his artwork. As he is an artist I thought about the idea of putting the artwork at the forefront of the site and constructing the pages around the theme of an art gallery. After discussing this idea with Alan I created a mock up design of the home page, we agreed on the design and I went ahead with building the website.

As well as the website Alan also needed a way to publicise his exhibitions. I suggested Facebook as a great platform to get publicity for events, also I would be able to display this information on his website. However Alan didn't have a Facebook page at the time so I helped set one up for him, which you can see here.

The website is also fully responsive, which means it will optimise itself dependent on the size of the device you are viewing it on. Try adjusting your browser size or visit the website on your smart phone to see.


Southern Dreams Limited
Design & Build: 2012

Southern Dreams Ltd (SDL) is a consultancy and management company dedicated to introducing British exporters to the markets of Latin America.

I was asked to build them a small website to attract investors to their business. Since the site went live, SDL received their full investment via Crowd Cube and are now featured in the Crowd Cube Hall of Fame.

Solid State Group
Employment: 2008 - 2013

For 5 years, I worked as a Senior Front End Web Developer for the London-based agency, Solid State Group. While there, I worked on the websites of several major international brands, including Disney and Amnesty International.

As the agency works as a team, I cannot take credit for everything shown on their website. However, if you would like more details about my involvement, please contact me.


If you think I might be the right website designer for you, or if you'd just like to know more, please do get in touch. I'm more than happy to have a no-obligation chat about your requirements.

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